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September 25th, 2004 · Posted by Skuds in Music · No Comments · Music

Tonight I have had my iRiver plugged into the hi-fi. I felt like running the batteries down completely so I can recharge them from empty, and it saves me having to decide what music to listen to: the machine holds almost my entire CD collection and I just set it to random play. Meanwhile I was sitting down reading Songlines magazine.

Its a bit of a strange magazine. Its all about ‘world’ music and goes into the most obscure areas of music, but its a very glossy publication. Its like the Q or Empire of world music. Its also quite a slim magazine and would not represent very good value for money except that it comes with a CD which has tracks from 10 of the albums reviewd within – mostly music you would not otherwise get a chance to hear. It was the previous edition which introduced me to Sergent Garcia for which I am greatful.

While I was reading an article on Fela Kuti the iRiver threw up a track by his son Femi. Yet another example of synchronicity at work. Or is it seredipity? A pleasing coincidence whatever its called, and not that likely as I have 7000+ tracks on the iRiver and in amongst that is only one album by Femi Kuti. I was reading that Fela released something like 77 albums, and all I’ve got is a ‘best of’. I will have to keep an eye out for more I think.

I have to say that Songlines can be a bit annoying at times. There is a review of a new album by Tarika in which it says they are one of the best known bands to emerge from the highlands of Madagascar… Talk about damning with faint praise! As far as I know they are the biggest and best known band in the whole of Madagascar. In fact I doubt if I could find anyone who could name another band from Madagascar – highlands or otherwise. Perhaps the author of the review should tell us who the more famous musicians are?

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