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October 8th, 2004 · Posted by Skuds in Music · No Comments · Music

To celebrate the end of the week, I popped into the shops at Crawley on the way home and picked up some new CDs. I don’t know why it is, but if I buy a batch of CDs I never get ones that are similar. You would have thought that I might be in, for example, a heavy metal mood and get a few heavy metal albums, but I always end up with a variety. Maybe I’m worried that I might be in a rap mood while buying, but a trance mood by the time I get home?

Last time I hit the shops I ended up with N.E.R.D., Lou Reed’s Transformer, and a Motorhead greatest hits double-CD – all for less than fifteen quid in the sale.

Today it was Interpol’s new album, Kraftwerk’s Computer Love, Rachid Taha’s Tekitoi and The Datsuns 2nd album. (Released in June. Already less than seven quid in the sale) I was very chuffed to see the Kraftwerk one for only £6.99 because its the only one of theirs I didn’t have, but I had only seen it for £13 or £16 and didn’t want to pay that for it. I knew if I waited long enough it would end up in a sale.

Now I have the set, Sod’s law suggests that Kraftwerk will finally re-release the whole lot on SACD or DVD-A with a surround mix and I will be tempted to buy them all again…

Anyway, all the new stuff has been copied to the trusty iRiver so I can listen to them on the way to work on Monday.

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