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November 14th, 2004 · Posted by Skuds in Music/Technology · No Comments · Music, Technology

I spent the late afternoon and evening ripping more CDs to my hard drive to copy onto my iRiver, which now has just over 7900 songs on it. Well, tracks anyway: there are a couple of classical albums which contain a lot of short tracks.

As I have just about all my own CDs ripped now I thought I would make a start on Jayne’s collection. Unfortunately her CDs are concrete proof that opposites attract. She has a few compilations, like those Now 58-type things, with the odd track I like, but a lot of it is 60s compilations or girly R&B. A lot of the CDs I didn’t even bother with – like Michael Bolton or Robson & Jerome. It took longer than I expected as half the tracks I thought were worth having I already had but had to check to make sure, I only ended up with two CDs of Madness greatest hits, half the Rod Stewart ‘Best Of’, most of a reggae compilation (skipping the stuff I already have on my own reggae compilations) and a few odd songs.

At least now I have just a little more variety for my daily commute, and a couple of old tunes picked more for nostaltic reasons than anything else.

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