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January 22nd, 2005 · Posted by Skuds in Work · No Comments · Work

Today it was almost like the good old days at work, and I remembered what it was I used to enjoy about the place… a few of us had a meeting to discuss future changes to a computer system to cope with changes in the business. We actually started looking at how the business will change and tried mapping out new processes to determine what the system would need to do, and even ended up with a few actions.

I was glad because I did a lot of work on proposed system changes last year and was able to use the documents and diagrams I produced as a starting point, and get some sort of peer review on them. Whilst I do not like anything done by committee, I don’t wholly trust anything done by one person, even if that person is me, without there being some sort of sanity-check on it.

The journey home was very sociable. At Clapham Junction I saw a colleague who has been on courses for two weeks. He was travelling home to Brighton so we caught up on stuff until I got off to change at Gatwick. On the platform there I was accosted by Keith, who left the company last year and was on his way home to Horsham from a visit to Reading. Its as if the Southern Trains franchise has been taken over by Friends Reunited or something.


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