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Late Night

June 7th, 2005 · Posted by Skuds in Music · No Comments · Music

I usually stay up late, but tonight I actually wanted to get an earlier night. So why am I still up at nearly 3 am?

Well I went down to the Town Hall to see the council’s development control committee at work, then when I came home I was helping Jayne re-write her CV and write a covering letter for a job application. It was then that I flicked through the EPG on the Sky box and saw that MTV had a 120 Minutes special on Kraftwerk and decided that I just had to stay up and watch it… if only I had bothered to wire the VCR up to the Sky box properly, and if only I had such a thing as a blank tape in the house. (Or maybe I should have got Sky+ or a DVD recorder or something?)

Kraftwerk is particularly topical, as their new album, Minimum-Maximum came out today – a double-CD live album from last year’s tour. I ordered a copy from Amazon today, so this MTV thing is to get me in the mood for when it arrives.

The disappointing thing has been that the whole 120 minutes has not been devoted to the boys from Dusseldorf – half of it has been acts influenced by them like Fischerspooner and Africa Bambaata – but the highlights were live performances of some songs, including ‘The Model’ at Brixton Academy: the show I went to last year.

Not that the council meeting was not interesting, but at the moment I am in more of an electro mood than a town planning mood. I will probably write about the DC meeting tomorrow. As if anyone gives a monkeys 🙂

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