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June 10th, 2005 · Posted by Skuds in Music · No Comments · Music

I was on the Bloggers 4 Labour site and something caught my eye about Jo’s Journal so I went there to read it.

While I was there, and playing around with her theme-changer (very impressive) I followed a link to Pink Paper, a gay & lesbian site. The main story there was about Bob Geldof addressing the London Pride march at its start. I didn’t realise they were on the same day. I wonder if Sir Bob realised when he set his Live 8 date? London is really going to be heaving on July 2nd with both events going on.

Its a few years since I went along to the London Pride march – I think I stopped the year they started charging for the concert at the end – but it always used to be a huge event and I don’t think its got any smaller. The march starts in Hyde Park, which is where the Live 8 concert is.

I thought I would find out more about this and followed a link on that page to London Pride. That makes no mention of the clash, but does ask everyone to make note of a chaged start time. I bet there were a few frantic phone calls between the Pride people and the Geldof people the day he announced his big do!

On the same page I noticed a link to the Big Gay Out at Finsbury Park on July 23rd. I am guessing that they have taken the huge concert off the end of the march now, and have a seperate one on a different day…

Anyway, now I finally come to the point. On the Big Gay Out site they have the line-up for the show. Some of the acts make sense as they are either gay acts or acts with a certain camp appeal – Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Blazin’ Squad, Bananarama (No – I didn’t know they were back either), Electric Six (bet their Radio Gaga goes down well), Girls Aloud (see them cheaper at the Crawley Pop In The Park!) – but one act stood out above all the rest. I’m not sure what was most surprising, that they still exist or that they are playing “Europe’s biggest gay music festival”. I am talking about The Wurzels.

Yes. The Wurzels are playing at the Big Gay Out!
Its amazing what you can learn via some semi-random, impulsive following of hyperlinks!

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