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August 14th, 2005 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · No Comments · Technology

Following the lead of Bloggers4labour I have tried adding a blogmap, which should be visible somewhere on the right.

This was not entirely straightforward. I couldn’t find a clear step-by-step guide for doing it on Blogger so I had to look in several places for the various instructions.

If there are any Blogger users who want to try doing the same, here is a step-by-step guide to save you following the same tortuous route.

  1. Go to Multimap
  2. Put your postcode in the search box and hit the ‘find’ button
    This should give you a map showing your street, with a red circle which will probably not be exactly where your house is.
  3. Click on the map at the point where your house is
    This will zoom in a bit and centre the map on your location.
  4. Make a note of the latitude and longitude
    These will be in the ‘Map Information’ box under the map. It will look something like this:
    Lat: 51:05:20N (51.0888) Lon: 0:12:04W (-0.2012)
    The numbers you want are the ones in the brackets.
  5. Sign in to Blogger
  6. Go to the ‘Change Settings’ part of your blog.
    (By clicking on the little picture of a cogwheel.)
  7. Go to the ‘Template’ tab
  8. Put the following code somewhere in the head section(I put this right near the top, just before the line which says <$BlogMetaData$> although it could go anywhere after but before I think. Remember to make the longitude a negative number if thats what multimap gave you.
  9. Hit the ‘Save Template Changes’ button
    (But try the ‘Preview’ button first to make sure it all works OK)
  10. Hit the ‘Republish Blog’ buttonNow you have got a geo position tag on the blog which says where you are. This is a pre-requisite to adding your blog to the blogmap system.
  11. Go to this page to submit your blog to the blog maps system, by putting the blog’s URL (address) in the box at the bottom and hitting the ‘Submit’ button.If all that is accepted OK you will get a page with several pieces of code which you can cut and paste into your blog.
  12. I just used the code for the blogmap and pasted it into the sidebar part of the template for the blog using the same routine as steps 5 to 10. (Obviously step 8 was different!)

There is another set of instructions here which you might find easier. Or you might find harder.

If none of that works for you then you probably shouldn’t come to me for help!

Note: In theory you should be able to skip steps 5 to 10 and at step 11 just put in your URL then, when prompted, put the longitude and latitude in a couple of onscreen boxes, but when I did that I got located somewhere in Yorkshire so it doesn’t seem to be entirely foolproof. (Yes – I did use the right values!)

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