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Blogger v WordPress

December 1st, 2005 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · No Comments · Technology

For a long time Blogger was the obvious choice for me, being a free hosted blog facility. WordPress had all sorts of enviable facilities, but required a bit of thought to set up, and a place to host it all.

Now that WordPress has its own free hosted blog facility its all up in the air again.

WordPress has the one thing I most want from Blogger – the ability to have tags/categories. I also like the bits about moderating comments, trackbacks and having non-blog pages. You could build a decent site from it. On the other hand, Blogger seems to have more options for changing the look and feel, especially if you are confident enough in HTML to edit the templates by hand.

At the moment I feel there are pros and cons to each. If Blogger introduced tags or if WordPress introduced full template editing and image hosting/uploads there would be a bit of blue sky between them. Certainly WordPress is not developed enough to tempt me to change horses right now.

The real clincher is that someone else has already nabbed the name Skuds even though they are not really using it.

I know I am practically inviting hostile comments from WordPress users, but bear in mind I am talking about the free online version and not the bells & whistles version for running on your own computer.

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