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January 27th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · No Comments · Politics

I’m just making up for being just about the last person to hear about all this.

I was busy all day at work. Didn’t even check the BBC news site or look up at the Sky news displayed on our projector screen. After working late I came home and went out almost immediately to a Labour ward meeting, so didn’t hear about it all until the Ten O’Clock News.

Why can’t people leave the poor man alone? I don’t know his reasons for lying, but why was he even asked the question?

There are perfectly valid reasons for not going public with this sort of thing. He might genuinely not care what anyone thinks but have a concern for the feelings of a white-haired mother. And it is possible to be embarrassed about something but not ashamed. He was faced with a question that need not have been asked.

As an, admittedly poor, analogy would we expect to have a politician asked if they masturbate? We don’t want to know the answer any more than they want to give it.

It does cross my mind whether there is some anti-Liberal conspiracy, the way their leader was outed as an alcoholic then his would-be successors get picked off one-by-one. You have to wonder what revelations are going to appear about Ming and his safe pair of hands in the next week.

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