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NHS funding problem solved?

March 20th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · No Comments · Politics

Just compare these two stories.

The first talks about the NHS deficit of  £799 million. The second talks about the failure to increase fuel duties in line with inflation for two years running, and probably again this year.  Each time this happens the loss of revenue is approximately £600 million per year.

I am assuming that accumulates so that it is £600m the first year £1800m the second and then a third would be £3600m – or enough to cover the NHS deficit four-and-a-half times.

I would not mind so much if the cost of travelling by train and bus had not been increasing well above the levels of inflation, which is surely the wrong way round. I’m pretty sure that, compared to earnings, the cost of running a car has gone down, while the cost of taking a bus has gone up over the last ten years.
Still, its a nice move to propose an extra thirty quid on road tax for the ‘chelsea tractors’.  That is really going to put someone off buying one isn’t it?   I can just imagine someone looking to fork out thirty grand on a car being put off by the prospect of paying an extra thirty pounds a year.

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