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More suspicious behaviour

June 28th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 3 Comments · Life

Morris Dancers!!Morris Dancers!!,

originally uploaded by Krypto.

Andrew at Wongablog has spotted further suspicious behaviour on the streets of Britain.

I imagine the phone call going something like this:

“Hello 999, police please… hello police, there are a group of men carrying stout sticks facing up to each other in the High Street. They appear to be wearing some sort of gang colours. I think it might turn ugly… not interested?… why yes, now you mention it they do have beards… yes one of them does have something bulky strapped to his chest… OK. Thanks. I’ll expect the SWAT team in 5 minutes. Bye.”

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  • Andrew

    If they’re gone by the time the police arrive, I have video footage

    (perhaps, if YouTube decides it likes me)

  • J.J

    Men answering that description spotted in Crystal Palace only last weekend. I expect them in rural areas but one isn’t even safe in the Big City!

  • wongaBlog

    Morris People…

    If you’re reading this outside of the UK, chances are you’ll doubt me if I tell you that there exist in this country groups of people who dress in white, wear large hats, strap bells to their belts, place furry things around their ankles …