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Dorset again

August 25th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 1 Comment · Life

One reason I could not get to the B4L meet-up in London this evening was that we only returned from another trip to Dorset today. After spending 90 minutes wrestling 3 wet tents into the car along with all the other paraphernalia, 3 hours driving home, and then re-erecting the tents in the back garden so they could dry out, and then sorting other stuff out, I could not really face a trip into London to meet all the other Andrews and non-Andrews.

Instead I unwound by sorting out the 311 photos from the digital camera and deleting the 500 spam comments and 200 spam e-mails which accumulated in 4 days.

Tomorrow I shall systematically inflict my holiday snaps on the world at large via Flickr, with a few choice examples on these pages as well.

You have been warned.

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  • coto

    ciao. i’ve grown up with punk77 and oi. watchin the capt.’s video after years was thrillin! still occasionally listen to your 80s songs cause the give me the hype. cheers to your achievements with the IT stuff, bravo. why dont you come to milan for a gig sometime. buzzcox and damned we’ll be here next week at rockinidro…take care. coto