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August 19th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Music · 5 Comments · Music

Jayne has bought me the Pink Floyd Pulse DVD as a wedding anniversary present (5 years!). It might not sound romantic, but it is something I desperately wanted after the debacle of the release date being put off for almost a year.

No time to sit down and watch all 4 hours of stuff on it, but I did have a scan through the highlights to bring back memories of seeing them at Earls Court in 1994. That part of Comfortably Numb where the giant mirror ball is suddenly lit up still gets to me, and has anyone ever come up with a better way to end a show than the riot of sound and lights on Run Like Hell, culminating in the explosions around the giant screen?

It was definitely worth the wait, and now that the 1989 Tommy concert by the Who is also available on DVD the only major re-release needed (apart from all the old Jean-Michel Jarre concerts) is the final Crowded House concert. I’ll get rid of all those all VHS tapes one day…

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  • Jane Skudder

    Rob made the pilgrimage to HMV with my discount card – he didn’t have 4 hours to spare either so watched it instead of eating, sleeping, going to the toilet…..

  • Skuds

    What I didn’t mention was that we were setting off on Sunday morning for another few days down in Dorset. I suppose I could have given up the night’s sleep but I knew it could be the last decent one I would get for a while.

    And the same goes double for showers and toilets!

  • Jane Skudder

    Showers & toilets – pah! We spit in the showers & toilets (it makes them 200% cleaner!)

  • brandon

    I want to go and buy this now, thanks for the review