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September 7th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Work · 9 Comments · Work

I got the phone call today where I was verbally offered the job I was interviewed for on Monday, and which I verbally accepted. As it is a transfer between two companies in the same group it counts as an internal move and so verbal is OK apparently, with the contract to follow up in the post.

So it looks like I have bought my last season ticket after all.

That will save me just under £250 expenditure a month, which is the equivalent of getting a £5000 salary increase – taking tax at higher rates into account. Because of that I was quite prepared to accept an offer of anything above £5000 less than I get now as I would still be better off, so I was more than happy with an offer of £1500 more than I get now!

That will just about cover the increases in the gas and electricity bills… but more importantly it will help to keep us going while Jayne finds another job after her employers wind up at the end of the month.

All that remains is to agree a transfer date. The company prefer to do this on the first of the month to avoid a lot of paperwork and cross-charges when someone moves in the middle of a pay-month. I don’t really want to wait until the 1st of November so I will have to see if my manager can be persuaded to let me go in three weeks – I could then have a leaving drink on my birthday.

I am convinced that the daily commute to London has been causing huge amounts of accumlated stress, and I can already feel some of the weight dripping from my shoulders. When I found myself next to an elbow monster on the way home today I didn;t get wound up as usual: I just told myself how I would not have to put up with that sort of thing for much longer. I may look into the company’s bicycle loan scheme and treat myself to a new bike to replace the pile of rust in the shed.

I don’t expect that I shall be writing much more about the job here though. I will be very surprised if I do not have to sign the official secrets act and if that is the case it will be safest to avoid everything to do with work, but especially the bits about missile guidance systems, pilot head-up displays, and military radars…

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  • Richard

    Well done, mate

  • Skuds


    I can travel to work by Fastway now 🙂

  • BlackJack

    Are you really willing to risk that? 🙂

    Seriously though – well done.

  • Gert

    No need to ‘sign’ the Official Secrets Act anymore. You’re bound by it, just as you are by the Theft Act and the Control of Dodgy Terrorists Act

  • Skuds

    Are you allowed to tell me that Gert? When did that happen? I remember having to sign it about 5 or 6 years ago.

    But seriously, it is only common sense to not talk too much about your employers, especially when you are not hiding behind an alias, and its self-interest to not give out any damaging or sensitive details of the company or customers under any circumstances, let alone when the customers are armed and dangerous.

  • Jo


    Mind you, what with Chrystal’s scary photos and all this talk of missile guidance systems (not to mention the wolf!), remind me to always be nice to the Skuds and family!

  • Skuds

    I Thats only what the company website says it makes – personally I won’t touch anything more dangerous than Microsoft Project.

    Must try to stop the family getting an undeserved reputation as the Crawley Sopranos!

  • Jane Skudder

    When you consider the rest of your family, bruv, maybe the Crawley mafia is putting it mildly. Can we be the Bradford arm of the ‘Family’.

    Anyway, congratulations. Rob can’t work out where you find time to work, blog, Flickr and do all the things you write about as it is…..

  • Skuds

    Its easy. Very little sleep and a 35-hour working week help enormously of course.

    All I am doing is filling the approx 13 hours a week I used to spend doing councillor stuff a little more constructively than just watching TV.