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September 28th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

I was a bit later home than normal yesterday, having gone for a quick drink after work with a colleague who is leaving this week.

When I got back to Broadfield there were three police cars parked by the Tollgate Hill roundabout on the A264 , another couple parked at the top of Tollgate Hill, a riot van touring the area (according to Jayne) and a police helicopter circling the area shining its searchlight down. Jayne said this had been going on for about half an hour.

The chopper stayed there for another half an hour at least and a police car came up our road and then back down again.

Being naturally inquisitive, we wondered what the hell was going on, and decided that the best way to find out was to just ask. We delegated that job to Charlie and he went round to Tollgate Hill to ask the group of policemen who were standing by their cars. He came back and told us that before he could ask them anything they just told him to clear off.

A day later we still have no idea what all the excitement was about, so we will just have to wait until next Wednesday to see if either of the local papers know anything about it. (Do us a favour News & Observer – if the police haven’t volunteered any information ask them why they were hovering over my house for an hour on Wednesday.)

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