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February 6th, 2007 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 5 Comments · Politics

The Lancaster UAF blog has moved onto a Blogspot server. It can now be found at and is always worth a read.

One recent post on there is about Andrew Spence joining the BNP, a story which amused me when I saw it in the papers. It amused me because in the comments on a local blog someone had mentioned in passing, just a day or so earlier, that Richard Trower, who stood as the BNP candidate for Crawley at the last general election, runs a road haulage firm based in Horsham district.

Andrew Spence is the bloke who runs a road haulage firm and who orchestrated the protests over fuel prices. I am sure that not all road haulage firm owners are members of the BNP and its just an amusing coincidence rather than an emerging trend.

The other interesting thing about Andrew Spence, and the one which I think is significant rather than just an amusing coincidence, is that he stood at the last election for UKIP. Yet another example that the membership of those two parties is interchangeable, despite UKIP’s protestations. Is someone producing special coins for racists to help them decide who to stand for? Ones with BNP and UKIP on instead of heads and tails?

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  • tyger

    It’s a brilliant site. Have updated by bookmark.

  • tyger

    …my bookmark.

  • Richard

    Isn’t Mr Brown – of Brown’s Haulage – a bit of a ‘right wing nut’ ? You know, those ‘yellow perils’ lorries which terrorise the roads around Ifield and Beyond.

    His workplace is very near that of Richard (not Robin – the guitarist) Trower…

  • Skuds

    Ouch. Thanks for pointing out that embarrassing mistake before Robin Trower’s lawyers did 😉

    I don’t know anything about Brown’s Haulage beyond an assumption that it is nothing to do with Gordon Brown…

  • Ketlan

    Thanks for updating the link (and for the compliment) Skuds. 🙂