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Sex in the back garden…

July 16th, 2007 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 3 Comments · Life

I have not been getting out and about with my camera much lately – but I hardly need to: its like a safari in the back garden.

Having exhausted the possibilities of snail photography, and slugs and spiders, and snapping the flying ant invasion its now the turn of the unidentified red bugs who were getting jiggy with it on the grass stalk I was going to use to play with the cat.

Interesting philosophical question though… is the one at the bottom the one who is ‘on top’?

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  • sthhsfdg

    i think the one on top is the male

  • jamjam

    These are Common Red Soldier Beetles,also known as Hogweed Bonking Beetles(for obvious reasons).
    The proper name is Rhagonycha fulva.
    Hope that’s of help to you

    Regards color my jamjam(my flickr I.D.)

  • Skuds

    Thanks for that. I prefer the Hogweed Bonking Beetles name: not only would it be a great name for a band, but it is the second-best name I have ever heard for anything.

    (In case you were wondering… my favourite is the Shaggy Stalked Nippled Mushroom)