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October 7th, 2007 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 26 Comments · Politics

Yesterday a few of us from Wealden UAF (well, more than a few really) went over to Holbrook West in Horsham to deliver leaflets.

It was a really pleasant morning all together, considering the chaotic run-up to it. On Friday evening we found out that the person who was going to print the leaflets had not been able to do them, so I ended up doing them on my laser printer at home, printing as many as I could before its ancient toner cartridge ran out. This unexpected election so soon after the group was formed has caught us out a little, but we have learned a lot from it and will be able to respond a lot better next time around.

I managed to do enough for us to cover a large part of the ward, and it was a great morning to be doing it. Not too hot, but not cold either. After we ran out of supplies we met up at the Rising Sun pub to compare notes. One group had encountered the BNP out knocking on doors, so it looks like we had got ourselves organised just in time.

While out and about a couple of our group met some ladies from the Conservative Association who were very pleased to see them and said they would be pressing for the Conservatives to get affiliated.

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  • Nimrod

    Yes Scudders, I can see that you’re putting yourself out to a great deal of time and expence. I notice that Wealden UAF are not running for the election themselves and, try as I might, I cannot see that you have any real alternative policies to the BNP.
    So what brings you to make this worthwhile stand, do you have an ulterior motive ?

  • Danivon

    Seems like a fairly open motive, he doesn’t want the BNP or other fascists to make headway.

    Besides, the UAF never puts up candidates or promotes any, it is simply a response to the increase in activity of the BNP. Therefore, it is not about policies, as much as letting voters know what lies they are being told, and to warn them of the dangers of fascism.

  • Nimrod

    What is this constant rabble on about Fascism ? What recent evidence do you have suggesting that there is fascism within the ranks of the BNP ?
    Please explain, I may be missing something.

  • Richard

    Yes, Nimrod, you are “missing something”.

    Have you been in a submarine, with no contact with the outside world, for the last 10 yers or so ?

  • Skuds

    Lots of organisations lobby, protest and rally without standing for elections – CND, Greenpeace, CPRE, Amnesty.

    I love the careful insertion of “recent” in that question. Is that an admission that the BNP was fascist? How recent is recent anyway?

    2004 when the BBC broadcast the ‘Secret Agent’ documentary where Jason Gwynne witnessed a BNP candidate saying they “just want to shoot pakis“?

    How about BNP founder John Tyndall writing “over and above the rivalries of nations, there is the transcendent interest of Western Civilisation, Western Culture and – as the creator of these things – the White European Race“?

    His replacement, Nick Griffin, writing “local campaigns alone cannot reverse the tide of alien influence and filth sweeping over our nation. The only thing which can save everything we hold dear is total change at all levels of society; in a word, a revolution“?

    The BNP is just the Sellafield to the NF’s Windscale: an attempt to fool everyone by changing the name.

  • Danivon

    >What recent evidence do you have suggesting that there is fascism within the ranks of the BNP ?

    Well, there is also the case of Mark Collett, filmed in 2002 talking about his admiration for Hitler: “National Socialism was the best solution for the German people in the 1930s”, he said, “I honestly can’t understand how a man who has seen the inner city hell of Britain today can’t look back on that era without nostalgia”.

    At the time he was demoted from leading the youth wing of the party, but he is now the Director of Communications, and has always been involved with the leadership.

    Of course, the historical links between the BNP, National Front and their forerunners the British Union of Fascists are well known.

  • Gordon Seekings

    The bye-election was yesterday and the result was:

    Lib Dem 602
    Con 554
    Lab 52
    BNP 163

    Lib Dem gain from Conservative.

  • Nimrod

    What’s this ‘wrong anti-spam word’ mean Skud’s ?

  • Nimrod

    That is all old news and misquoted information.

    Just carry on with your soft approach to further the Islamification of this country, you are traitors to your own!!
    Enjoy your takeaway Halal meat pie.

    Jason Gwynne’s discredited BBC TV documentary -grossly funded by the State-led to the prosecution and subsequent failure of two highly publicised Leeds Crown Court ‘Free Speech/Race Hate’ Trials in that Griffin and Collett eventually walked free, all paid for by the taxpayer of course.
    If anything, this raised awareness of the BNP and their proclaimed innocence in such matters.

    Richard, that was an insidious remark, or was your insolent comment aimed at our Sailors and Royal Marines that have selflessly given their lives in defending their country during years of conflict?
    One wonders whether any of your relatives sacrificed their lives during the Two World Wars and thereafter.

    Statistically the BNP are now gaining more votes than the dusty cobweb count on a UAF bloggers washbasin.
    Is Skud’s prepared to face probable humiliation in the defeat of Labour by the BNP at a ratio of 3:1, or 4 to 1 as was the case of last December’s Horsham by-election?
    You’ll need to work at least 5x as many activists to count on that one!

    WUAF is the bin liner of Nu Labour’s multi-culti rubbish bin. Mind out those maggots.

  • Richard

    Nimrod, your loyalty to the BNP is touching – or do I mean ‘touched’ ?

  • Skuds

    Well done to the Lib Dems. Be interesting to see if they hold on to it.

    Based on previous results there the Labour vote was not too surprising, but nonetheless disappointing for all that. Ray was a good candidate and would make a good councillor.

  • Nimrod

    Richard, your brief reply suggests you have no real answers or concerns to the pressing needs of our country in its final hours of need.
    You are quick to condemn those empowered to make a patriotic stand.
    You’re all ‘mahrf and no trouzers’

  • Nimrod

    of course, I gather that you are all aware that Sainsburys recently allowed special concessions for their Muslim staff over the handling of pork and alcohol products?
    This could be the real reason why :

  • Richard

    We are a Christian country, with a tolerant and multi-racial ethic…

    sainsbury’s – so what ?

  • Danivon

    Quite so, Richard. If you don’t like it, don’t shop at Sainsburys.

    And halal meat is quite nice. As is kosher meat. If only they did halal bacon….

  • Skuds

    A nice little tip, passed on to me by colleagues who did a lot of business travel, is to specify kosher food when flying as the airline kosher food tends to be a lot better than the normal meals. The same might apply to halal as well.

    Nothing to do with the nature of kosher/halal food but probably because it will be individually prepared and not mass-produced.

  • skud's sister

    I believe the Sainbury story means that workers have this as an option. As most muslims are very moderate, reasonable people I dare say the situation won’t arise very often.
    Incidentally, as one who has an unfortunate food intolerance which means I can’t eat pork/bacon/ham/piggy products you’d be surprised how much of it there is in all kinds of food. I once had a pack of posh chicken crisps that turned out to contain pork fat and made me not nice to know for a day or so…

  • Nimrod

    Reply to Richard’s post:
    My goodness, you’re all such a bunch of limp-wristed wimps with such wishy-washy attitudes, no wonder you can’t muster any real opposition to the BNP!
    Do none of you care about the sale of all our major retail and service industries to companies outside of these shores?
    I’m no great lover of supermarkets, prefering to support the business of small specialist grocers, local butchers and farmers markets.
    I personally feel that the (ignorant) acceptance of Halal slaughtered products is result of an indigenous British populance (Christian in this case) that has lost all spiritual meaning and significance to their lives. What are your views on this?

  • Rob Glover

    That you’re wrong?

  • skud's sister

    Nimrod – you may be a Christian (although I have reservations) but not every briton is. The British as a whole find the idea of spiritual meaning a bit embarassing – we really do prefer a nice cup of tea (Indian or Chinese…)

  • Nimrod

    but not black or green, eh ?
    What about Red Bush .

  • skud's sister

    Again, a gold star for realising that as well as black (indian) and green (chinese) tea many well-balanced britons enjoy Red Bush (or African) tea.

  • The Hierophant

    and Kombucha. mmmm..

  • Nimrod

    a gift of a Gold Star from WorriedAndUpsetFun-da-mental-ists!
    If you care to accept the challenge, Nimrod fancies a Rockers reunion burn-up down A24 to give you bl**dy rice-burners a good thrashing.

  • skud's sister

    Nimrod, practice your reading skills (think back to those moments when you weren’t being bullied by the six year old girls) – it says ‘skuds’ sister’ so you might gues that I look kind of like Skuds. Fundamentalist is also a bit of a laugh given that the whole family is becoming more and more atheist as the years go by. I just don’t believe in anything YOU stand for… (Although it is so sweet of you to asterisk out your swearing – does your granny not like it?)