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January 21st, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Music · No Comments · Music

I was a little tempted to buy the Mail on Sunday today for the free CD of Oxygene because I thought I only had it on an old cassette.

I was only stopped by three things:

  1. I realised that I do actually have it on CD
  2. Even if I didn’t, I would rather actually fork out for the new remaster with the 5.1 mix on DVD.
  3. Its the bloody Mail on Sunday!

I’m still a bit dubious about the idea of giving away CDs and DVDs with papers, especially when they are promoted very heavily.   If I was an advertiser, paying an amount of money based on a million copies of a paper sold, I would be after a heck of a discount if I thought  that 10% of the papers would remain unopened.

I think JMJ should stop playing about with endless versions of Oxygene anyway and see if he can get some of his old concerts released on DVD with surround sound, especially the London Docklands one which I went to, and the Paris one.  If the video can be re-edited by someone other than Mike Mansfield then that would be a bonus!

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