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Language unification

March 27th, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

I can see why Portugal (and Brazil, Angola and the rest) would want to standardize the different variations of Portugese spoken around the world.  The Spanish must have similar issues with the Latin American and European versions diverging a bit, and let’s not start on what the Americans and Aussies do to English.

With Brazil poised to become one of the larger economies alongside China, India and Russia there is some incentive for a small, relatively poor, European country to have the same language.

Not so sure about the details though.  Apparently one of the changes would be to drop the letters p, c and h from their language.   Now I don’t speak Portugese, not even a bit, but even I can see potential problems with dropping a letter which is in the name of the country itself.  H makes some sense, if it is usually not pronounced anyway but P and C?

Will we end up Ristiano Ronaldo playing for Man Utd and the Ortugese national team? The Portugese Prime Minister, José Sócrates, must have an opinion about becoming a Sórates, and what about having a nice after-dinner glass of Ort?  FC Porto (Futebol Clube do Porto) are sometimes known as just FCP for short.  Remove P and C and its even shorter.

Brazil would have a few problems too, with cities like São Paulo, famous citizens like Pele, and a world-renowned carnival turning into São Aulo, Ele and arnival.  Not only that, but both are Catholic countries and therefore in awe of the Pope.  How does that work?

Could be a lot of fun.

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