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Unforseen consequences

June 1st, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · 1 Comment · Technology

I thought it was a good idea to invite the Northern sister to contribute here, but there was a little thing I overlooked…

Back when I installed this theme I customised it a little bit.  One of the changes was to remove the bit that says “posted by xxxxx” because it was redundant with me being the only person posting anything.  Now there is a second contributor it has become unredundant again, leading to a slight panic as I couldn’t remember the syntax for it.

It turns out that I was very sensible when I did the customisation and I didn’t remove the relevant bit of code, but just commented it out so all I had to do was un-comment it.  Due to the vagaries of caching it might not be apparent on all pages yet but all new pages will have a ‘posted by’ label on each new post and it will appear on older pages as they expire and get re-cached.

I am now in that state of bliss when something a bit technical goes right that Scot Adams called “Nerdvana”.

Maybe one day I will be able to figure out why the  gaps around photos don’t work properly in Firefox but do work in Internet Explorer…   everything in the style sheet looks OK but despite me putting a 5-pixel space around all pictures the text butts right up to them in Mozilla.  Any CSS/php/HTML gurus out there got any ideas?

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  • skud's sister

    And as soon as I’ve recovered from the train back from Paris I will sit down and work it all out. And if I can’t I’ll squeal for Rob….