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July 29th, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 12 Comments · Life

When I got a text message from the Mrs. this afternoon that said “do you want a kitten?” I knew that it didn’t really matter what answer I gave because by the time I got home there would be an extra mouth to feed.

Not that I mind.  I like kittens.

My only real worry is that our existing cat does not like kittens so this little fella is here on a trial period.  The conditions are that if the big cat doesn’t kill him he can stay.

No name as yet.  Still trying to see what suits him.  Since he is ginger I did think of calling him Baker, but Jayne vetoed that. She keeps on how the kitten’s colouring is fox-like, right down to the hint of white on his tail, so we may end up with something a bit fox-related, but at the moment we are still open to suggestions.

He does like the camera though, which is why it is so hard to get a photo of him: he is fascinated by the camera strap and keeps going for it instead of posing properly.  After several attempts (going well into double figures) I finally managed to get this shot.

Gorgeous isn’t he?  I can’t believe that somebody was considering dumping him before Jayne decided to come to the rescue.

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  • janeskuds

    We have considered Reynardine, La Reynard (even though it is a boy) and think Hendrix might work. (Foxy)

  • Skuds

    Well… Jayne says it is up to me, but she didn’t like the suggestion of Dylan at all (for Thomas – not Bob) and thinks that Foxy might be a bit feminine.

    We cracked up when Charlie came up with Barry.

    Although he is little now there is every chance he could end up a musclebound serial killer like scar, so Horse suggested itself really – a bit of a Footrot Flats tribute.

    I also thought about Spike, and it turns out that Chrystal said that earlier in the evening while I was out.

    I have put up a little poll – but I am not going to feel compelled to be dictated to by it. Especially if malevolent forces organise a landslide for Barry!

    Feel free to suggest any others, but I have to come up with something soon so we have something to yell the first time he dumps in the hallway.

  • Andy's_mum

    How about Mulder?

  • janeskuds

    How about Alderley. Then he would be a Cheshire Cat. (Although some of my new favourite books now refer to him as the Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat or UAWC for short).

  • Skuds

    Mulder: clever but possibly controversial. Isn’t that the name that Hiro alleges is Duncan Crow’s pseudonym?

    Jane sounds like you are reading even stranger books than I am!

  • Rob Glover

    “Mandu” ?

  • Skuds

    The city in India or the Korean dumpling?

  • Andy's_mum

    I voted for Barry just to annoy – but I think Ozzy is a great name. We just lost our Ozzy after 22 years – she was older than the kids! An excellent cat name.

  • Rob Glover

    > The city in India or the Korean dumpling?

    Neither. “Cat” Mandu.

  • Hiro

    you could go:

    “Kfer” When people ask you where you got the name just say Kfer Cat.

    Sorry slow day!! But Pride tomorrow!!!! Yippeee

  • Skuds

    All these puns… Hiro is obviously too preoccupied with the Brighton Pride and Rob…

    …if you ever get another moggie it might be best to leave the naming to Jane or I can see you ending up with a cat called “apillar”, “alogue” or “”alytic converter”. Fine until it gets lost and you have to go round the streets shouting out “Astrophe! Astrophe!”

    Although… I can imagine you doing that with no embarrassment at all 🙂

  • skud's sister

    He’s got worse since he tried to read the strange book with the UAW Cat. Jasper Fforde, the Thursday Next series – funny and, in an odd way, make you feel very clever