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July 23rd, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 1 Comment · Life

Thats putting it mildly.  The story of the murder of a pregnant woman called Kia Johnson in America plumbed new depths.  It still has to go to court so mentally insert “allegedly” wherever possible here but the way it is being presented is that an obviously disturbed woman with a history of baby-snatching offences befriended a heavily pregnant woman, invited her home, and then cut the baby out of her, killing the mother in the process. She then turned up at hospital with the baby trying to pretend it was hers.

Murders are often described as grisly, gruesome, or other word starting with g with the language escalating so that when something like this happens you find that language itself has been devalued and words do not exist to really express the horror of it properly so that all the victom’s cousin can come up with to describe the murder is “unfathomable”.  I admire her restraint.

When watching gory (mostly) American films like Saw or Hostel the thing that makes them acceptable is that its all too bad to be real, making the violence cartoonish – but now reality turns out to be even nastier. But why do I have a sinking feeling and sneaking suspicion that somewhere in Hollywoodland there are producers rushing to snap up the fim rights to this atrocity.

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