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Hounds of Love

August 3rd, 2008 · Posted by janeskuds in Jane · 3 Comments · Jane

Now that Skuds has got a name for his kitten (not a bad name – I hope it doesn’t get too confused about which name it is going to totally ignore….) I thought I would try to get a name for our newest family member. No rush mind since it isn’t really real and is very unlikely to crap on the floor (unlike Moth the cat).  I was in York on Friday for a meeting and got a spare half hour to wander round the Continental Market. As well as the usual wurst, paella and bulbs it had a stall selling reindeer skins and these cute little buggers.

Fluffy dog caption

Fluffy dog caption

I had to get one for Rob but we are now unsure what to call it. I thought of ‘Dog’, since the Horse campaign failed, Wolfie or Foxy (in a Citizen Smith kind of way) but none of them seem quite right.  We are going to look up the Finnish/Lapp word for wolf but don’t expect to be able to pronounce it…

Oh yes, and this link is the reason why I had to buy it for Rob – we are sickeningly cute I’m afraid, there appears to be no cure….

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