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Milk & Alcohol

August 10th, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 4 Comments · Life

I rarely bother to drink alcohol, but when I was up in London on Wednesday I had a couple of pints at the Foundry Arms for old times’ sake – I used to go there before the Tate Modern opened next door when it was a quiet local pub and not a tourist magnet.  Its a Youngs pub so it has ‘proper’ beer, but as I was drinking more to keep cool than to get drunk or anything, I stuck to cold fizzy lager.  While I was at the bar I did notice the other beers on sale…  is there really a lot of demand for Waggle Dance (beer made with honey)?  Or Banana Bread Beer or Double Chocolate Stout?

I like beer and I like chocolate but a combination of the two does nothing to tempt me.  I like leeks and I like trifle, but that doesn’t mean that I would be queueing up for leek trifle.  What next?  Bacon & egg ice cream?

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  • Sheila Joyce Gibbs

    Oh, those were the days my friends, WE DID THINK they would NEVER end too !!!
    Please be extra careful, when it comes to Mr. Alcohol, as he can so easily destroy ones health & life, without any notice what-so-ever!
    Kinda like BING BAM BOOM, then you have a permenant problem living inside of you ! ! !

  • Danivon

    On the same day I was over at Earls Court for the Beer Festival. I can assure you that there is demand for banana (I’ve had banana lager and Banana Bread Beer), Chocolate (gives a really smooth taste to a stout) and honey flavoured beer. Waggle Dance is quite nice but a bit sweet, as you’d expect.

    There’s actually a beer from Germany that tastes exactly like smokey bacon. Gorgeous!!!

    I’ve also drunk a beer from Mexico that had a chilli in it, which was pretty nice – a lot nicer than it sounds.

  • Gordon Seekings

    Actually I think you’ll find the pub name is “The Founders Arms”.

    I worked at Riverside House, just a little way along from the then disused Bankside Power Station (now Tate Modern) and the pub in my last few years with BT. I watched the Globe Theatre being built there as well and as a result I had my BT leaving do at the Founders Arms. :-))

    As an aside that strech of the Thames bank side was initially opened up to the public by former Labour MP Roy Hattersley once the Power Station closed.

  • Skuds

    Quite right. That’s what I meant – Founders Arms. Like a lot of the pubs round there it got a lot of custom from BT, IPC, Sea Containers and the other firms around there, but it was great at the weekends – very quiet.

    We used to sit on the grass bank in front of Bankside power station, impressed by the sheer expanse of brickwork and wish we could get in for a look… and now we all can.