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Hard Headed Woman

September 10th, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 23 Comments · Politics

I’m not too keen on this Sarah Palin woman, and for so many reasons. Her pregnant daughter, however, is not one of them.  As far as I am concerned that should have no relevence to the election or be any reflection on Palin.  Even her habit of choosing names for her children that Frank Zappa would think twice about is not an issue, and nor is her grating voice, annoying though it is. She probably can’t help that. Its her policy positions that worry me.

It almost goes without saying that I strongly disagree with her opposition to same-sex marriages, support for denying state health benefits to same-sex couples, opposition to all abortions, advocacy of teaching creationism, fetish for firearms, bloodlust for capital punishment, opposition for classifying beluga whales and polar bears as endangered species in case it interferes with oil drilling, refusal to believe that human factors cause global warming. Let’s just take that as read.

The thing is none of that really counts as policy positions.  Most of them are not matters of political policy but just knee-jerk opinions based on a morality shaped by religious extremism.  I don’t see any signs of any thought-out policies.

At the Republican convention she gave a well-received speech that made much of her outsider status.  I’m actually all in favour of having politicians in charge who have had a life outside politics and at least one foot in the real world.  In the UK we would benefit greatly from having more MPs who are not totally wrapped up in ‘Westminster Village’ matters.  The thing is that its not enough to just be an outsider: you need a bit of substance as well, and some ideas of your own – not just ones you picked up in bible classes.

The worry is that enough voters will focus on this aspect, maybe identify with this ‘everyman’ status and see her as representing the people against politicians without realising that this is not a movie.  In films like Dave or Being There it worked out OK to have somebody who knows nothing of politics in charge of America but let’s remember that they were fiction please.

In the meantime, I am still digesting this bit of bad news.  If somebody can happily run a town for four years whileit has a policy of charging rape victims (up to $1200) for the forensic tests that might prove that they were raped and not do anything about it, what does that say about them?

I am keeping my fingers crossed that America doesn’t vote in a president who represents the past more than the future, when they could have a progressive, West Ham-supporting president because they get taken in by the anti-political rhetoric of someone who not only takes intolerance to the point of vindictiveness but could well have to step up to take charge, leaving us with a self-confessed gun nut who makes Reagan look like a liberal in charge of the US military…

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  • Gordon Seekings

    “West Ham-supporting president” – Shome mishtake shorley?!?!?

  • skud's sister

    Well they’ve already had a ‘retarded cowboy’….

  • Hiro

    And a retarded actor

  • Skuds

    Well the Telegraph says he is! (Even if Pootergeek pretends to disagree…)

  • Andrew

    I think I’m too used to Republican policies – the insanity generally just bounces off. But the rape kit thing? That got through. How the hell does anyone…I can’t…it’s broken my head. I don’t think I would react well if someone tried to defend that policy in front of me.

  • Ash

    “If somebody can happily run a town for four years whileit has a policy of charging rape victims (up to $1200) for the forensic tests that might prove that they were raped and not do anything about it, what does that say about them?”

    Dont ya just love those people who believe everything they read on the internet..

    No victim in Wassala has ever been charged for a rape kit. The Police do try and get reimbursement from the victims insurance company but if that is not possible then it is just waived.

    This is a practice that common in many small towns (with samll budgets) across the US – towns that have Democratic Mayors as well as republicans.

    But anything to hurl dirt at Sarah Palin seems to be the name of the game this week – it’s not surprising that Obama is losing support.

  • Ash

    seems the practice is quite widespread in North Carolina:

    “N.C. hospitals bill rape victims
    Advocates say the state should shoulder the cost of rape kits, which are needed to help put suspects behind bars

    Rape victims across the state are paying for their ill fortune in the most tangible of ways: a bill for the evidence kit needed to lock up the rapist.

    The vast majority of the 3,000 or so emergency room patients examined for sexual assaults each year shoulder some of the cost of a rape kit test, according to state records and victim advocates. For some, it’s as little as a $50 insurance co-payment. For those without insurance, it’s hundreds of dollars left when a state program designed to help reaches its limit.”

    Of course North Carolina has a Democratic Governer – nasty people those Democrats… eh skuds?

  • Danivon

    Ash, where did you find that quote in your last post?

    I do hope that it wasn’t “on the internet”.

  • Ash

    Touche danivon.

    Actually just found out that Illinois (you know – that state that has a guy called Obama as Senator) has exactly the same policy……

    If somebody can happily run a State for eight years while it has a policy of charging rape victims (up to $1200) for the forensic tests that might prove that they were raped and not do anything about it, what does that say about them?

  • Danivon

    I’m still awaiting your actual sources for such claims, Ash. Where are you finding such gems? You can post a url you know.

    Actually, it makes no difference. I find the policy abhorrent regardless of whether it’s the Republicans or the Democrats who put it in place or maintain it – as both are roughly analogous to right wing Tories and centrist Tories/Liberal Democrats respectively, I have no remit to defend either party, or any individuals from them.

  • Ash


  • skud's sister

    Ash, the text in the link you give says that Obama filed legilation to change the state law that charges rape victims. Palin supports the laws and has, allegedly, gone on record as saying she would rather have her own daughters bear a child conceived as result of rape than permit them to have an abotion. I know who my own instincts would support.

    And although I find quotes which support my views in the link which you quote as your ‘source’ it is not exactly primary source material is it – littered with phrases like ‘reports from the field indicated’ and ‘we’ve heard so many stories on victims paying’?

  • Ash

    But your missing the point – it is a common policy throughout the US in both Republican and Democrat States.

    The double standard in saying that because it happens in Alaska that makes Palin unfit but its OK when it happens in Illinois under Obama is plain hypocrisy.

  • Danivon

    Ash, no. Thanks to your link we can see the difference – Obama tried to change the policy. Under Palin, it appears to have come in with the Police Chief that she installed, and was only overturned at a State level.

    Yes, there _are_ Democrat states/localities that have the same policy. However, you don’t understand US politics enough to know that it is less about parties than it is about individuals, particularly in the Presidential/VP campaign. It is you who is missing the point.

    So, no it was NOT okay in Illinois when Obama was there, although he personally is on record as supporting change.

  • Ash

    danivon – I’m sorry to burst your bubble but Obama did not change the policy

    “Read Obama’s legislation. It still allows victims to be charged for rape kits, it just allows them to claim compensation.

    Alaskans have been able to claim compensation since 1971 from the Violent Crimes Compensation Board.”

    As for the campaign then you are right it is about individuals – the type of mud slinging represented by this story is not doing Obama any favours.

    It isn’t any coincidence that McCain has overtaken Obama since the Dem’s and the mainstream media started their character assassination of Palin.

    First we had her attcaked as a bad mother for not aborting her disabled son, then a bad mother for having a pregnant daughter, then a bad wife over her husbands DUI from 20 years ago, then a bad mother again for her son vandalising a school bus – now she’s an evil woman for charging rape victims.

    It’s hardly an election winning strategy – it’s no wonder that the media are panicking.

  • skud's sister

    If by mainstream media you mean Britain’s more left-leaning broadsheets then yes, they are a little anti-Palin. But if by mainstream you mean you mean the papers and magazines read by millions every day (the kind of trash read in trailers perhaps?) then she is being held up as a model parent and a great human being. It is worthwhile remembering that it is not just the broadsheet readers who have opinions and votes.

  • Skuds

    A bad law is a bad law, wherever it is. The fact that such a bad law is not unique does not make it a good one.

    For what its worth, when Obama filed legislation he was an Illinois Senator – one of 59. He had no power to change laws: only to propose changes. He did what he could and possibly as soon as he could, so there is a bit of a difference. The other difference is that he is not being touted as a feminist.

    On reflection, McCain’s choice of running mate is inspired. She has distracted attention away from the actual presidential candidate. At the same time, she is giving Americans a chance to not vote for the black candidate and still feel a bit liberal because they are voting for a woman.

    By the way, to put links in comments you need to use HTML and not bbcode syntax: save that for the Maidenbower website.

  • Hiro

    Lets face it Palin is a raving nutter; pure and simple. Why am I not surprised that Ash supports her!!

  • Ash

    ‘raving nutter’


    doncha just love the Liberal Left’s attempt at political debate……

  • Hiro

    Well I would be serious but faced with a woman who could be “Leader of the free world” who thinks that the the world is less than 10,000 years old, who thinks women who have been raped should have the child regardless, and who calls here son “Track” because she likes athletics then I think political debate has had it’s day in the US. I think calling her a pig in lipstick is an insult to pigs!!!

  • Hiro

    Anyway Ash you could always go and read more of the blogs from members of “the nasty party” such as Cllr Mulder. Go on he has not had a comment for over a month.!!

  • Ash

    Cant help yourself can you Hiro?

    Have you ever tried to have a conversation without insulting anyone?

  • Hiro

    I never insult people I like! I like you Ash…that’s why I have not insulted you.