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Hitler’s in the Charts Again

November 21st, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Life/Politics · 7 Comments · Life, Politics

This is the funniest thing I have seen all week…  thanks to the comedy genius who did and for Paulie and Damian, without whom I would not have been aware of it.

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I have now seen so many Downfall parodies I feel I really should watch the film itself some time.

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  • Nimrod

    Mildly bemusing, one may suppose..
    What is not amusing is a Labour Party member (nee councillor) endorsement of the foul language and expletive sub titles used in this film clip.
    And why do you tag BNP, Funny, and Nazis in the same sentence ?
    WE are not amused ..

  • Skuds

    Where do I start? This is like shooting fish in a barrel…

    BNP – because it is about Nick Griffin
    Funny – because it is bloody hilarious
    Nazis – because Hitler is featured in it

    Also because the BNP are as well – as confirmed by the courts.

    If you think that Labour party members do not know or approve of ripe language you must be unfamiliar with Alistair Campbell and his diaries.

    Oh, and “nee” means “born as”. I was not born as Andrew Councillor or as a councillor. The word you were looking for was probably “erstwhile” but that might be a bit long for you.

  • Miller 2.0

    There was me expecting an Exploited video…

  • Danivon

    Aww, nimmy’s back. For a fascist, he’s easily offended by a few rude words. What a sensitive boy.

  • Andy's_mum

    Thanks for a good chuckle – both the video and the answer to Nimrod!

  • Skuds

    Yeah. Sorry Miller – a cruel trick to play 🙂

    Might catch you out with some inappropriate Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Partisans and Adicts titles in the future, so be warned.

  • Nimrod

    The acting was good but, sorry, one did not feel that this was ‘bloody hilarious’, tediously droll more like.
    Dumbing down standards apply.
    There is far too much ‘ripe language’ represented in the media these days. One is glad for the dismissals of Brand & Ross during the recent immoral BBC Radio 2 fiasco .
    As for the BNP, what exactly is confirmed by the courts ??

    No Platform for Nobrim ?
    oh dear :,- (