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November 19th, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 8 Comments · Politics

What to make of the ‘leaking’ of the BNP membership list?  I totally agree that putting the list of BNP members online (here) is a bad thing to do.  It would be bad enough publishing the home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses even of something totally innocent like a local amateur operatics society or sewing circle as that would be an invasion of privacy and serious abuse of all sorts of data protection laws.  Doing it for a controversial organisation like the BNP is tantamount to inciting hatred.

Simon Darby, the BNP’s spokesman, said he found out this morning that the injunction had been broken, describing the posting as “malevolent and spiteful”.

Simon Darby is on the list (I checked). He continued…

“We are worried because kids’ names are on the list. It is not information that should be in the public domain,” he added. “We are always receiving death threats.”

I do not disagree with him.  Possibly the only time I would find common ground with him.  I wish them luck in getting the site closed down because every single justification they give also applies to the Redwatch site.  Whenever attempts have been made to close down Redwatch we are told that it is too hard because the site is hosted in the USA. So is this new BNP membership list.  If their injunctions and actions succeed in getting this list taken down it will set an interesting precedent.

Let’s remember that the Redwatch site contains photos and videos of people from the Crawley/Horsham/Redhill area, taken when there was a UAF meeting in Crawley last year.  These pictures were posted on a site where there is some history of those appearing on it getting stabbed.  Some of these pictures were of people attending a model car club that was meeting in the same building.

While I am forced to agree with what the BNP are saying here I do not think they really give a toss about the principle involved.  They have been more than happy to see names, addresses and photos of ‘lefties’ published for years (by their own supporters and fellow-travellers) but only object when the tables are turned.

In defence of the new site, all it does is present a list of names.  It does not make any sort of comment at all, unlike Redwatch which has phrases like “Remember places, traitors’ faces, they’ll all pay for their crimes.” on it and takes every opportunity to refer to people included as “scum”, “cretins”, “degenerates” or “targets”.

On this page they include details of several popular Crawley councillors, described thus:

Chris Mullins at the Crawley Campaign Against Racism’s 30th anniversary International Party in Maidenbower community centre. Mullens is an extreme left Marxist scumbag who is a disgrace to his race, and given the choice he would rather be asian.


Featured below is a Tory scumbag called Bob Lanzer. Lanzer is the Conservative leader of Crawley Council. During the last local elections in May, Lanzer was seen going door-to-door with U.A.F smear leaflets.

Both followed by full home addresses and phone numbers.

If any site deserves to be called “malevolent and spiteful” (Simon Darby’s own words) then surely it is this one.  If the publication of a mere list of names canbe seen as incitement to violence then what to make of one that refers to its subjects as ‘targets’?

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  • Danivon

    If you think it’s a bad thing to do, why did you link to it?

  • Skuds

    For the same reason I linked to Redwatch: it is out there and not linking to it will not make it go away – it is not hard to find this particular copy of the list, or any of the other (more easily searched) versions of it.

  • Skuds

    The link is dead now anyway – I’m a bit surprised it lasted as long as it did. I think that Google/Blogspot tend to take a cautious approach with anything remotely controversial. A shame the companies that host redwatch are not so craven.

    I will be surprised if the copy at Wikileaks disappears as quickly though…

  • Gordon Seekings

    The thing I find so surreal about this whole thing is that the Bad News Party are claiming it is an infringement of their Human Rights under the HR Act………an Act they want to see repealed!

  • Danivon

    It is odd to see that Human Rights activists, and even Searchlight, have defended the right to privacy of BNP ‘members’ (it’s possible that some names are bogus, and many state the the member has or will leave). The very people that the BNP would like to expel and repress are the ones who are standing up for their rights. I think it highlights the basic inhumane attitude of the BNP and their supporters.

    Mind you, I saw Donna Bailey complaining that her details were out. We all know she’s in the BNP, she’s stood for them and as an ‘independent’ with their support, and her address must already be public domain. It’s one thing for ordinary members to claim privacy, but candidates are pretty much already making their association public.

  • Skuds

    Gordon – it could be a cunning plan to discredit the HRA!

    Danivon – as a past candidate DB’s address and affiliation area matter of public record, although her email address may not have been. If she is complaining either she is stupid or hoping to elicit some knee-jerk sympathy from others who are stupid.

    Given their small membership there must be few of them who have not appeared on nomination papers and thus had their name put up on council noticeboards at some time if they are in a place where they have had any candidates.

  • Nimrod

    Regarding the videos on Redwatch:
    WE no longer see WealdenUAF as a threat anymore. They have justified their purpose in keeping a lid on the rise of the Far-Left in Sussex area. Of course, everyone’s name and address is readily available in the Electoral Register, so why panic, although there seems to be some renewed vigour in your attempted bashing judging by your recent excitability. Regards, X.

  • skud's sister

    Thanks for explaining the fact that my name and address are on the electoral Register – a subtle aspect of the democratic system previous unconsidered by anyone voting to the left of Atilla the Hun – but that is surely not the point. The electoral register doesn’t tell you my job, my political affiliations or my interests. Surely no-one would target political hatred/opposition based purely on name and address? (Although I understand the BNP list is a tad short of Patels, Singhs and Hussains….)