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(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang

December 13th, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 5 Comments · Politics

I went down to the B&Q car park this evening, which was supposed to be the re-direction point for BNP members on their way to their regional secret Christmas party.  The idea was to show that there is considerable opposition to them holding their events in the area.   As the BNP party did not go ahead in Crawley you would have to say it was a success.

I turned up a little bit early in the pouring rain to find several police vehicles in the car park – like three vans a couple of cars and a motorbike.  Rather than loiter about getting conspicuously soaked I browsed in B&Q for a while: not to get ‘tooled up’ (although it would be the perfect place) but just to pass some time and get some last-minute Christmas shopping ideas.

When I came out the rest of the protesters were starting to arrive and, miraculously, it stopped raining.  The crowd grew, as did rumours about what was going on with the BNP.  It turns out that the venue for their party had become aware of the nature of the event and had cancelled the booking, although nobody knew exactly when that had happened.   Later on we heard that the BNP had managed to find another venue in Berkshire so for the third time in a week they had been prevented from holding an event in Sussex.

This all turned the gathering into more of a celebration than a protest and we could have just gone home, but if somebody has taken the trouble to bring a bullhorn along there is no way you are not going to get some speeches.  The first speaker was our local MP, Laura Moffatt, followed by a representative of the Wealden UAF.  That turned out to be me, because when asked who was going to speak all the others used the tactic of pointing at me and hiding.

Normally crowds are spoken to by the chair of an organisation, or a president, or something like that.  This may be the first time that such a duty has fallen to the webmaster.

Having successfully completed the trifecta of thwarting the march of fascism in Sussex, most of the crowd repaired to the nearest pub.  Jayne and I snuck off home to put the kettle on.

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  • Richard

    “Trifecta” ? Blimey, not being a betting man, I had to look that one up !

    Well done – and I just hope, for the sake of its landlord, a certain pub in Ifield was not a chosen venue for the BNP’s Christmas Party ?

  • Jonathan

    according to the bnp website they are claiming they held thier party near crawley see here . is this true skuds?

  • Richard

    “….because their was no place for them in the inn” (Nick Griffin telling a Christmas story – Luke 2 v 7)

  • Gromit

    “40 protesters bussed in from across Sussex and London” oh dear I don’t think the local paper is following the party line. What they should have said was 140 local people protested…etc etc.
    You gotta laugh!
    If you’d got off your fat bum and waddled down there Richard it would have been 41, although someone said there were only 28 …oh well.

  • Richard

    Ah, that’s what I call “democracy”, Gromit; the freedom NOT to get off my “fat bum and waddle down” to a B&Q car park on a rainy night…and the freedom for others to do that if they so wish.