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January 15th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Music · 7 Comments · Music

This evening I discovered that the song Autobahn appeared on one of those Top Of The Pops LPs in the 70s.

I may have to turn my life into a quest to hear this version, just to hear what a bunch of session musicians did to it.   is it good? Bad?  So bad its good?


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  • PooterGeek

    I’d like to see Leslie Crowther and Peter Glaze do Autobahn in one of their end-of-show musical medleys on Crackerjack.

  • Skuds


    It had to be done.

  • Keep Werking

    I have this and it is much better than you may think! In fact quite amazingly better concidering the time the session musicians would have had to put the track / LP together!

    Keep Werking

    • Skuds

      Do you know if it exists anywhere on the web where people could hear it?

      I would have thought that the bigger challenge than just playing the notes would have been replicating the sounds. Didn’t Kraftwerk have some fairly specialised keyboards and various modifications to them that would not be available to the average session studio?

      Were they building some of their own instruments by that time?

  • Tim Almond

    You may not believe this, but they’re on the iTunes store. Couldn’t see Autobahn there, but lots of other stuff.

    Pricing is weird, though. Who’d buy a Top of the Pops version of Bohemian Rhapsody over the Queen one for the same price.

  • Skuds

    I’ll have to take your word for it – I can’t use the iTunes site because it can’t find iTunes on my computer.

    I rather resent the way it wants to dictate what software I have, and its a bit of a pain because I know there are some free podcasts on there I would enjoy, but for now I am avoiding the iTunes website.

  • [uzine]

    “Acquired taste”; mostly, the versions are plain awful, but the “Autobahn” cover has an alluring side to it, aka it ain’t all that bad folks. I’ve put out a post on this TOTP cover version via (+ feel free to become a fan of the Fb page) …