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January 15th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · 1 Comment · Technology

Just noticed that WordPress v2.7 is now available on my host’s Fantastico package so I think I’m going to upgrade right now.  Been itching to do it since 2.7 came out, but having been spoiled by having Fantastico doing all the installations and upgrades here I was really reluctant to go back to doing such things manually.

Should look no different from a visitor’s point of view, unless something goes wrong and I have to put up a static HTML ” be back soon” page, or go back to the default WP theme for a while, which will mean I am frantically hacking away to get it all looking no different than before.  When I put it like that it all sounds a bit pointless doesn’t it?


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  • Skuds

    It worked OK.
    Very smooth. Site looks exactly the same. Admin side looks totally different: scary for a few seconds and then ripe with possibilities…

    …none of which seem to work because the theme I use pre-dates the newer facilities.

    Good news: a new version of the theme has been released so I have the choice of staying as I am or getting the new version to get gravatar support, nested comments, etc. but having to spend a while identifying all the hacks I made to the old theme files and re-doing them so that I still get the random header and so forth.

    decisions, decisions….