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January 18th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · No Comments · Technology

One of the few visible changes resulting from my upgrade to WordPress 2.7 is that gravatars are now enabled here.  They are supposed to show up in the ‘recent comments’ box but they don’t, and that is something I have to look into, but they are showing up in the comments of individual posts – which are now nested, or threaded, as eagle-eyed readers may have spotted.

At the moment it all looks a bit naff as so few of my regular visitors who contribute to discussions have a gravatar.  Why not get one now?  It is quick, easy and just a bit of fun.Gravatars are ‘globally recognised avatars’, which is just a geeky way of saying it is a picture that can be associated with you in various places.

Getting one is a piece of cake: just go to and supply an e-mail address.  You will get an e-mail to make sure it is really you and then you can upload any image and have it appear next to your name in comments you make on any gravater-enabled blog or other site.

The verification is to stop you picking somebody you don’t like and getting a picture of a cock, or some other unwelcome image, associated with their e-mail address, obviously.

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