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The Observer, 3rd May 2009

The Observer, 3rd May 2009

Just recently I have been busy setting up a new web site for Horsham Labour Party, with a final push to make it go live on May 1st. As anybody can see it is a blogspot site.  It is not really a blog though – it just uses that framework: comments are disabled for a start.  The advantage of using Blogger is that you can have people post articles without having to teach them HTML or anything.  Having got very used to WordPress now I found it very strange going back to Blogger.

We thought about registering a domain like Crawley Labour Party have for their new site, but I think the Horsham membership wanted to wait and see how it went before actually spending any money.  In fact you can do an awful lot online for free these days.  I am still tempted to just go and register a domain, fork out for a cheap hosting package and install WordPress – or even experiment with Drupal or Joomla.  Maybe even a wiki or bulletin board to go with it…

The real difficulty now is letting go.  The idea was that I would re-learn how to play with Blogger templates, create a template, tweak all the layout, tweak the style sheet etc. and then hand it over for the members to create articles.  Now its done I feel all parental towards it.

I’m sure that when more people start posting I will keep going in to sub-edit their posts for style and layout.  It will be a real effort to resist fiddling with it.

The launch date was very fortuitous though.  Apart from being a notable day in the socialist calendar, it was just in time for us to publish our list of county council candidates (and Horsham are very proud of puttnig a candidate in every division and getting all the nomination papers in early!), and the day it went live the local paper had 5 letters published that were hostile to the Horsham MP, Francis Maude and his parliamentary expenses habit.

Two days later and Maude was all over the Observer with a story about his business interests, so there has been plenty to write about!

I find myself wishing that Maude would just stop being greedy and hypocritical for a week or two, or at least stop getting caught out, so I didn’t feel obligated to keep responding.

In the meantime if anybody fancies putting gratuitous links to on their own blogs or websites so that it appears on Google search instead of the old, moribund site do feel free.

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