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Unreliable reporting

July 10th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 1 Comment · Life

The Wikipedia page on Torchwood, Children of Earth, summarises Day Five thus:

It is revealed that the 456 abuses the chemicals in children as a type of drug and that the whole operation is basically drug trade. While the government prepares the children, Frobisher places Jack into custody while Gwen and Rhys are escorted back to Cardiff to inform Ianto’s sister of his death. Lois is also under arrest for espionage. The prime minister informs the country that all children can go back to school and some will have an inoculation against the sinister effects of the 456 (including staring into space and speaking in unison); just a ruse, as these selected children will in fact be handed to the 456 “as a gift”. Then the 456 began charging its lazor, the sun began to shine and Captain Jack did the dance to “thriller”… it was a grand day.

I bet that doesn’t stay like that for  long.  One of the good things about Wikipedia is that it is ‘ self-healing’ and peer review/wisdom of the crowd/whatever you want to call it does fix mistakes or just plain vandalism, although it is also quite entertaining to read some of the vandalism before it gets fixed.

Or maybe Captain Jack did actually do the dance from Thriller and I missed it.

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  • Rob Glover

    Such levels of inaccuracy cannot go unchallenged.
    It was “Beat It”, and Gwen joined in with an air-guitar solo.