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August 3rd, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 1 Comment · Life

A few thoughts about the One & Other project:

I have been looking at a few of the archives of plinthers and it occurs to me that the whole thing has the potential to be like a bite-sized Big Brother.  This is not a bad thing…  imagine being in Big Brother.  It goes on for months and months.  With the plinth you can have the opportunity to show off,  make a point, publicise a cause or whatever you want to do, but without having to give up your job to do it.

It can even be a political platform.  See this chap – spending an hour doing a grand job of promoting his political party.  Particularly good around the 20-minute mark where he bounces around the plinth on a spacehopper humming the Benny Hill tune.

Also… wouldn’t it be funny, ironic even, if a member of Fathers 4 Justice got selected?   They could dress up as Batman and stand on top of a London landmark for a whole hour with no hassle at all.  Might be a problem getting them to come down at the end though.

Just don’t let Andrew see this bloke.  I reckon this is what the Thriller dance would have been like if the square had not been chock full of steel bands.

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