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Brighton here we come!

September 17th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · No Comments · Politics

My pass for the party conference in Brighton arrived today, along with a very daunting little book.   The book has page after page of listings of official and fringe events.   Having never been to a conference before I just find it a bit overwhelming: how do you choose what to go to?I worry that I will be like a rabbit in the headlights, faced with so much choice I could end up spending so long deciding what to do that I’ll end up not doing anything.  Any seasoned conference-goers want to offer any tips?

And while you are at it, can anybody tell me anything about the security policies regarding cameras?  I would quite like to have my big camera with me, even if only to use outside the conference itself or at events in the evenings.  Is there a problem taking a big bag with camera, spare lenses, batteries, etc. into the secure area?  I would hate to be stuck outside just because I have a camera bag, but similarly hate to get in there and find everybody else wandering about with SLRs and me with just a mobile phone!

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