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I had to satisfy my craving for satay tonight so I treated the household to some Chinese takeaway.  The girls who work at our local place are from Malaysia, so they know a thing or two about satay, as does their brother who does the cooking.  Unfortunately they are not in charge and so the place where they are working uses a different recipe.

One day I told them that I preferred how it tasted at their old place in Three Bridges and they said they would have a word with the owner.  He didn’t change it, but they said they would get the chef to do it differently for me, so now when we order we ask for chicken satay and say “its for Andrew” and get it done just the way I like.

This has been going on for a while now, and Jayne has mentioned it to some of her friends.  The other day one of them was in the takeaway and decided to ask for “Andrew’s chicken satay”.  He said he really liked it.  I wonder if it will catch on?  I can see a few possibilities:

  1. The boss will decide to change the recipe
  2. The boss will decide to add “Satay Andrew style” as an option on the menu
  3. The boss will get annoyed and tell the chef to stop indulging me

I’m hoping for No 2.  I would like to be imortalised on the menu of a Chinese restaurant.

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