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What kind of crappy Facebook quiz are you?

September 21st, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · 3 Comments · Technology

Is there no end to all these pathetic quizzes on Facebook?   Who writes the things?  How do people find them?  Why do they bother with them when they do find them?  Most importantly, how can you stop them popping up in your news feed all the time?The first time I see one of these I reach for the ‘hide’ button but that only hides that particular application.  I thought that after a while I would have blocked and hidden everything but new ones crop up every day.  How long before we see:

  • What skin disease are you?
  • What brand of breadmaker are you?
  • Which member of Bucks Fizz will clone your credit cards?
  • Which Michaelangelo Antonioni film are you?
  • Which discredited theory of social science are you?

And then you get all those messages that ‘X has closed their farm down due to an outbreak of foot & mouth and e.coli’ or ‘Y has sent you a RAM expansion pack for a ZX81. Click here to send some retro technology back’.

Enough already.  The only application I want is one that automatically blocks every other application.  No wonder Twitter is getting so popular!


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