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Covered in Horsham

November 29th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Music · 4 Comments · Music

Damian 'giving it some' at the Queens Head

Damian 'giving it some' at the Queens Head

Jayne and I hit the town in Horsham tonight: an Italian meal, followed by a walk down to the Queens Head to see Covered playing.  We did that because Damian (AKA Pootergeek) sings with the band.  He keeps inviting me to come along to shows, but previously they have all been down on the coast.It was a good show they put on.  I think its a bit of a hobby band where they are doing it for the pleasure of playing rather than with any expectation of getting rich.  Usually I drag Jayne to concerts or shows and she doesn’t really like it (the only exceptions being Santana and Erasure) but she liked this one, and I was impressed.

As their name suggests, the band do covers of songs, mostly classics like Knock on Wood or Soul Man but with some more recent stuff like Amy Winehouse or Scissor Sisters.  There was even a decent version of Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer.  I was a bit worried when they said they were going to do some Motown (I am more of a Stax fan myself) but it turned out to be a Stevie Wonder song, and not just any Stevei Wonder song but Living for the City – one of my favourites.

I liked the bass player.  Totally unashamed to be wearing shades at night in November, he reminded me of Donald Dunn a bit, which is high praise indeed.

No complaints about the set or the playing, but a couple of suggestions:

  • I’d love to hear them do Green Onions. It would give the keyboards and guitar a chance to show off a bit.
  • Would also love to hear them do Alexander O’Neal’s Criticise.  If I was in a band I would fight to get that on the set list, even if it was a thrash metal band.
  • Damian should pack a harmonica.  There were a couple of moments just crying out for a bit of gob-iron.

The funny thing is that Damian assumed it would not be my sort of music, because I tend to bang on about world music and prog rock a lot here.  I think he is forgetting my Essex roots…

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  • PooterGeek

    Thanks for coming along. Great to see you both.

    Funny you should mention harmonica. We agree with you. Both our keyboard player and drummer play and we are working on fitting in solos. But the instrument song keys have to work together and harmonicas aren’t cheap so it could take a little while.

  • Skuds

    Don’t get a cheap one off ebay – given your track record it would come apart and slice your tongue off or something!

    Can’t you play? Much better that way – like with Lee Brilleaux. Gives the singer something to do in the instrumental bits.

  • PooterGeek

    Somewhere, buried in a box, I have an A harmonica. I started learning to play it years ago, but gave up, partly because of the key thing. [My previous comment should have an “and” between “instrument” and “song”.] There were only a few records I could play along with back then, in the days before I had any useful pitch-shifting equipment.

  • Skuds

    I have two somewhere. Cheap and nasty and not sure what key. Couldn’t find them the last time I looked.

    I suspect enemy action from the same person who gave my electric guitar to her school…

    On the way home on Saturday night Jayne warned me in the car that I was not to get out any musical instruments when we got in – she knows me too well!