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More Tory climate change denial

November 4th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 5 Comments · Politics

Last week there was an interesting post at Next Left about the attitudes of prominent Tory bloggers to climate change.  One of our local newspapers this week has a column to show that it is not just prominent Tories who hold suspect opinions on the topic: even the obscure ones are joining in the chorus.Unfortunately the article is not yet on the West Sussex County Times website.  They seem to hold back columns for a week or so, but maybe it will appear some time in the future like some of his previous articles.  Until then, here are a few excerpts from it:

When I returned recently from an extensive overseas trip, I thought to myself how fortunate I am that I do not believe in the global warming bandwagon. No anxiety for me about ‘carbon footprints’.

Quite the contrary in fact.  Far from being the kiss of death to civilisation, I rejoice in the knowledge that carbon dioxide is vital to our survival for without it life on this planet would cease.

That is how it started.  Later on he says:

Nationally, we need need to stop the persecution of airlines through the higher taxes in the name of the bad science of global warming.

Sounds like he might know a thing or two about bad science.  He may even be an expert in it.  He finishes with a flourish:

But the eco-fascists, and particularly their misguided onslaught against air travel, must be vigorously opposed if our best interests are to prevail.

I am surprised that Mr. Circus has not been snapped up by one of the major newspapers, his (unfortunately far from) unique opinions are wasted on a local paper.  I reckon he could even give AN Wilson a run for his money when it comes to scientific insight.

That article by AN Wilson has now attained legendary status, so I am now obliged to quote its most amusing and outrageous statement. Its a tradition, or an old charter, or something.

The trouble with a ‘scientific’ argument, of course, is that it is not made in the real world, but in a laboratory by an unimaginative academic relying solely on empirical facts.

I can almost imagine Philip Circus muttering about those scientists letting their facts get in the way of imagination the truth.

The sad irony of the whole thing is that Philip Circus is described as “lawyer and Conservative Horsham district councillor, Philip Circus” in his byline.  That’s right.  Lawyer. I wonder if he ever has to deal with evidence, and if so does he choose to ignore it if it is that terrible misleading evidence based on such rubbish as facts?

The question is though, is he just an isolated voice in the wilderness (or as the WSCT editorial described him this week “a dissenting voice”)  or is he representative of the wider Tory party?  Are there hundreds like him popping up in other local papers across the land?

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  • janeskuds

    Although, worryingly, most of the MPs who voted nay in the recent 10:10 vote were Labour. I do believe the Labour have more faith in reputable climate science than most Tories (although Bojo’s rescue of the wonderful Franny Armstrong may spread the good word….. but I found this disappointing.

  • Ian Irvine

    Unfortunately, ill-informed comments like those of Mr Circus seem to be gaining ground, George Monbiot said this week that the climate change deniers are winning their argument.
    Alternative views aren’t always published by Tory heartland papers like the WSCT.
    Couldn’t you offer them your post for publication, Skuds, as a counterweight to Mr Circus’s dangerously ignorant opinions?

    • Skuds

      I did write to WSCT along similar lines – more localised of course, and without reference to AN Wilson.

  • Rob Glover

    What is it with right-wing lawyers and science? It seems to be an occupational hazard.
    (Actually I’ve concluded the problem is not lawyers or right-wingers, it’s libertarians. Libertarians have the strongest vested interest to spread disinformation about climate change, as the alternative is to admit they might need to modify their behaviour to consider others. )