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Cat Chaos

February 1st, 2010 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 3 Comments · Life

So.  The first day that Chiquita was left alone all day and she trashed the front room a bit.  At the moment we can’t let her out (a bit young, not had her jabs, paranoid about cars and wrapping her in cotton wool etc.)  It was not supposed to be like this: it was supposed to be the pair of them providing company for each other while we are at work.

She comes from a house with other cats, a dog, and people at home all day so I guess it is a bit unfair to have her left alone – although with Chrystal having different hours to us, with us all working locally, and with the long school holidays she is not deserted for 10 hours at a time all year as she would be if we were childless commuters, but even so…

I suppose we could find a better home for her.

On the other hand I hear that one of Frankie’s friends has just had a litter.  It is tempting.

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  • janeskuds

    Oi, childless commuters love their cats too….Although I did feel a bit guilty about leaving Moth alone she did get used to it quite quickly. She also came from a family with a dog, other cats, kids etc but she did settle to being a complete house-cat after a short while (but was only about 8 weeks old when we got her)

  • Skuds

    I was thinking more of when I was regularly out of the house from 7 until 7 or later if the trains were screwed.

    I secretly suspect she actually did all the damage in 5 minutes and slept the rest of the time 😉

  • janeskuds

    I think Moth used to wake up as I was opening the front door, have a crap on the floor a foot away from the litter tray and then go back to sleep….