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Good news on the kitten front

March 19th, 2010 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

It appears that the local farm’s cat has had kittens, and they are happy to give them away to a good home.  They have a pair of tabbies of, as yet, unascertained gender.   They are still too young to be removed from their mother, but as soon as they are old enough we can have one.  The only complication is that if nobody else has expressed an interest we might have to take both of them.

We were only really after a second cat to keep Chiquita company, and neither of us has had more than two cats before, let alone three kittens.  Part of me hopes the other one goes so we don’t have to make that decision – but part of me sort of hopes we get the pair.  It will be at least three weeks before we can have it/them anyway, but I think we will be popping down to the farm this week to say hello and will probably get hopelessly smitten with both.

If we do end up with three it does open up some possibilities… ((only joking obviously.  I can’t juggle))

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