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May 14th, 2010 · Posted by Skuds in Life/Politics · No Comments · Life, Politics

A little surprised to find myself not only mentioned a couple of times in this week’s Crawley News but also to be quoted.  I didn’t really think that , being an ex-councillor in Crawley they might be interested in what I have been up to.  Must remember that. They harvested a quote from this blog – fortunately a relevent one, though it would have been amusing if they had just picked something at random.Wouldn’t it have been fun though?  Imagine:

Andrew Skudder took third place for Labour, polling just over 4,000 votes.  Writing on his blog, he said “At least it’s all over now, and we know what that means don’t we?   I can get back to my comfort zone of off-colour joke, blatantly partisan insults, and wittering about prog rock.”

A little more interesting was their round-up of ex-Crawley councillors in parliamentary elections where they quoted Mike Weatherley who was elected in Brighton as saying “it has been a privilege to campaign in the city that I have called home since 1975.”

I seem to remember him being very keen to say how attached he was to Crawley when he was a councillor here and it was suggested that his address here was little more than a letter-drop for him. If only I could be arsed to look up some of the comments from back then.

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