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September 21st, 2010 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 2 Comments · Life

I must recommend this blog post by Andrew West about the dramatic arrival of his nephew.  He has had a remarkable couple of years now: getting to appear on the fourth plinth last year, going to all sorts of places as the BHA’s photographer and therefore meeting and photographing lots of famous atheists, spending a couple of weeks visiting schools in rural Uganda, and now having to help deliver his sister’s baby.

I think the world has a duty to make him famous (or notorious) at some point in the future so he will have to write an autobiography.  It will not be boring.

A short sample:

I’ve obviously seen births on tv. And I remember a no-holds-barred video in GCSE science. But these didn’t involve my fucking sister.

The whole story gave me goose-bumps.  What he doesn’t mention is how he was tweeting all the way thorugh the episode…


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  • Andrew

    Aw, thanks! With atheist stuff, there’s a fair bit I can’t write about in public – is frustrating! We shall have to meet up 🙂

    I tried to tweet whenever my hands weren’t full 🙂

  • Skuds

    You may not be able to write now – but everything has a sprt of statute of limitations. it will be fine in the memoirs in 20 or 30 years.

    Bugger. I probably won’t be around then. You will have to slip me an early draft.

    You should come down here to catch Covered next time they are in Horsham. We will have a spare bedroom by then.