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Adding insult to injury

January 17th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

I came home to find that while I was at work the internet was buzzing about an article Liz Jones wrote in the Mail on Sunday, with most of the fun happening with the Twitter hashtag #lizjonesreports attached to it.

Do read the article.   It is unbelievably bad.  The Daily Mash tried to spoof it, but the original may actually be so bad it is beyond satirising.

All very encouraging for any journalism students out there because the message is that you only have to be this good to get a well-paid column in the Mail on Sunday.

The stand-out paragraph has to be:

There is now an angry queue behind me. Isn’t it interesting that you can snatch a young woman’s life away from her in the most violent, painful, frightening way possible, take away her future children, her future Christmases, take away everything she loves, and yet there are elaborate systems in place to ensure you do not cross a bridge for only 30 pence?

The ‘angry queue’, by the way, is there because Jones has been trying to pay the 50p toll for the Clifton suspension bridge with 30p plus a button.  She had already spent some time annoying motorists by standing around in the road where Joanna Yates’ body was found:

The lane is narrow. I can’t see how a car stopped here and a man struggled with a body without being beeped at and told to get out the way, as I was.

A nice touch.  Pure Alan Partridge.


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