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Harvester of Sorrow

January 30th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

Last night I found out where Metallica got the inspiration for their song Harvester of Sorrow, when we went out for a meal.  I won’t say where, but if I say it wasn’t called Sorrow, you will probably guess.

There were about twelve of us and a few had been working, in one case up until 8:30pm, so we didn’t go out until quite late – nearly 9:00pm.   The basic idea of the menu is to choose a main meal (i.e. steak, chicken, etc.), a sauce to go with it, a ‘side’ (which really means type of potato: chips, mash, jacket or new) all of which includes as many trips up to the salad bar as you like.  Nothing too complicated.

I quite like indulging myself with the salads, though perhaps you wouldn’t guess that from the size of me, to the extent I have often found myself struggling to eat whatever I have ordered becasue I am full of salad.  For that reason I didn’t bother with a starter, despite the temptations of potato skins and decided to just have a steak with jacket potato.

When our order was taken we were told there was no jacket potatoes left and no mash either – so half the ‘side’ options were unavailable.  I was a bit miffed by this, having been looking forward to the jacket potato.  One reason why I haven’t seen the inside of TGI Fridays for a long time is that they stopped doing jacket potatoes, which used to be the highlight of a meal there and the only reason I would put up with the racket and forced jollity of the place.

Anyway, orders taken I went off to grab a bowl of salad, already thinking about the creaton I would put together: lettuce first with some French dressing on it and then some cucumber, capsicum and tomoto, potato salad, onions, beetroot, grated carrot, and to finich it off some bacon bits raisins and a small quantity of pineapple.  I feel hungry again just thinking about it.  What I found was a whole world of empty dishes.  There were a few manky peppers and cucumber, but no potato salad or lettuce or onions or much else at all.  I just grabbed a couple of brown rolls to keep me going until everythi8ng was topped up.

After demolishing the bread rolls I went back up to find that even the option of another bread roll wasn’t there.

So.  A place which has the main advertising point of as much salad as you can eat had no bloody salad, and half the ‘side’ choices unnavailable.  When the waitress asked if we were going on anywhere afterwards I was very tempted to say we would be going to the drive-through MacDonalds because I was still hungry – but didn’t really want to sound as if I was hostile to her: it is not her fault if a her employers can’t provide what is on the menu.

OK it was late.  I can see that they don’t want to put out loads of fresh lettuce that might have to get thrown away, but if you are not going to have a full menu available, or even an adequate menu available after 9 then don’t stay open until 11!

As I said, there is no point in taking out on the staff.   I shall just not go there again.


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