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Writing on the wall for Vince Cable

April 18th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · No Comments · Politics

At work we have TV screens in corridors which display various company announcements, traffic news towards going home time, and usually has BBC News either full-screen or in a window depending on the time of day.  No sound, but the BBC News has the closed captioning turned on.

Today I was walking past a TV and saw they were talking about Vince Cable.  He was being referred to as “currently the Business Secretary”.  That can’t be a good sign for him.  The BBC don’t say that George Osborne is currently the Chancellor, they just say he is the Chancellor.  They call Nick Clegg the Deputy PM and don’t say he is ‘currently the Deputy PM’.  If they are feeling particularly brave they might even refer to Jeremy Hunt, culture secretary.  Mind you, calling Jeremy Hunt, currently Culture Secretary is just a double minefield!

Arsene Wenger is referred to as the Arsenal manager.   Avram Grant is currently referred to as the West Ham manager, though a couple of months ago he was being described as currently the West Ham manager when his future looked in doubt.

A very significant word and I’m sure the BBC didn’t deploy it lightly.  Maybe Vince is soon to depart the current government…


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