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September 26th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

The "famous sun beach" near Malia

Well we are back from Crete and alomost ready to face normality again. Although the holiday was only a couple of weeks it has been a lot longer than that since everything has been normal here. Right up until we went away Jayne was still off work recovering, and before that of course she was in hospital for a couple of weeks.Thinking about it, everything was not exactly normal before then since Frankie was still living here until he got his accommodation sorted out. If normality for us is the pair of us snug and alone in our little house and both going out to work then we haven’t had that since January, but we have another day until that condition since we don’t go back to work until Tuesday. We felt we needed an extra day as a buffer between full-on holiday mode and work.

We had a night flight back, which was delayed a bit because of the Greek public sector industrial action and didn’t actually get home until some time after 3am. Since then the washing machine has been going full-tilt and we have been catching up on e-mails, podcasts, Doctor Who and sleep.

I may mention Crete a bit more and share bore everybody with photos and videos, but right now there is still some catching up to do. While we were away West Ham won two games and drew against Milwall, and Crawley Town had a bit of a stumble, letting in 9 goals in two games before winning a couple, so we are already abreast of the important news. Anything else been going on?

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