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The Eurovote

October 24th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · No Comments · Politics

What a good evening it has been this evening. In the early evening Jayne and I watched Cop Out on DVD (v. amusing. Both enjoyed it, and it only cost three quid) then I listened to the end of the West Ham game on Radio Five Live Extra (One-nil to the Hammers) and rounded it off by watching the vote in parliament on Sky News where the Tories are stating their now-traditional civil war on Europe.

Not a good day to be a Tory MP really, with that terrible balancing act between keeping on the right side of Cameron and appeasing the local association, and if you decided to vote ‘for’ you find yourself in in the lobby with such a likeable crowd… (Redwood, Dorries, Paisley, Chope, Carswell, Cash, Hooey, Vaz)

I see from the list of ‘rebels’ that Crawley’s Henry Smith provisionally voted ‘for’. I say provisionally because I haven’t seen the list of who voted against, so can’t be sure that he hasn’t done another of his hyperactive abstentions.

Yet again, I found myself watching it fixated not so much on the issue of the day so much as the sheer idiocy of having business at that time of night combined with the amount of time it takes to vote on a simple yes/no matter because of having to traipse through lobbies instead of pushing a button and getting an instant result.

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