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Yes live at Montreux

January 16th, 2012 · Posted by Skuds in Music · No Comments · Music

This afternoon I watched the Yes Live at Montreux DVD, to remind myself why I like them after watching the 9012Live DVD the other day. After watching the 1985 concert I was left wondering why I had been listening to the band for nearly 35 years and still lappingup new releases. Afterf watching the 2003 concert from the Montreux Jazz Festival I knew.It was almost a perfect concert, with the whole band playing the show of their lives. The thing is that while I am thoroughly enjoying it I can still see why people take the piss out of Yes. It really was stuffed full of the sort of prog rock cliches that attract ridicule.

Steve Howe with his endless swapping of guitars – he used three different guitars during one song, and then later on used three other guitars during another song. Rick Wakeman surrounded on three sides by banks of keyboards and at one point stretching to play two that were 6 feet apart. Even Jon Anderson had at least three different tambourines to bash, when he wasn’t playing the harp. Chris Squires stuck to his trusty Rickenbacker most of the time but at one point did come out with a triple-necked bass and did actually play all three parts of it during the song. Alan White stuck to the one drum kit, but he did fget to play the crotales and I’m sure I heard a gong at one point.

So, I can see why some people don’t take them seriously, but really it was a treat to watch.

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